What means high impedance headphones

2016-06-30 14:15:32  
As more and more people to contact headset, headphones have become increasingly demanding. Often encounter similar "HIFI headphones", "high-impedance headphones" and more professional, is also relatively rare word. Today small headset manufacturer Shenzhen, Lee Yan Lin Technology'll tell you about the high-impedance headphones. Because often in small series headphone factory floor haunted, often go to the headset sample chamber. Lee Lin Xin Technology also often have knowledge of training on the headset, so the headset is very familiar with it.
High impedance headset LX-132
High impedance headphones have what features? We use it with?
High impedance headphones theoretically better sound performance, make music richer sense of hearing. Less distortion compared to the low impedance headphone, better maintain the integrity of the audio file. Wow! Is not that very nice listening to? But then, the average cell phone and audio devices may not a good use of high impedance headphones. You need to be equipped professional power amplifier (power amplifier) ​​equipment for the job. That is high impedance headphones with respect to low-impedance headphones, not so sensitive. It needs more power in order to promote.
While the benefits of high impedance headphones listening like a lot, but in fact, but a lot of limitations.
First, the high-impedance headphones means higher production costs. High impedance headphones need finer coil, the coil means finer and more sophisticated technology and the cost.
Secondly, portability is high impedance headphones. If your portable devices will not play normal play, or ineffective. You should consider with an additional device - amplifier. Household Fortunately, out of the house will feel more obvious inconvenience. Power types and the price is more, people feel a little no choice. Therefore, the main position is high impedance headphones, the company specializes in dealing with music and personal. And a number of headphone enthusiasts.
But you do not have too many requirements for portable headset high impedance, bias in the high-end price and want to sound a little better, you can try sparingly to start a high-impedance headphones. But one way headset fever, consumption can be described as no on-line. Into the pit like the deep sea, we need to be careful.