Bluetooth headset radiation big? Do great harm to the body?

2016-06-30 14:14:12  
Bluetooth headset has enough fashion sense. No long headphone cable, there will be no cut, and chaotic tangle. And within a certain range, the phone can also be a simple operation. On one, the next song, pause, answer the phone, and so on. By the fashion people, business owners and car owners alike. Bluetooth span a large price, low up to tens of dollars, up to a few thousand dollars to start Bluetooth headset threshold is not high. Bluetooth headset as mobile phone headsets, computer headsets people more and more.
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Now people are more and more attention to health, to buy goods also requires higher and higher, requires not only high-quality and practical, but also health and environmental protection. For a discussion of the Bluetooth headset is also increasing, Bluetooth headset radiation big? How to use Bluetooth headset? Bluetooth headset on the body harmful? and many more. Let headphone factory - Shenzhen, Lee Yan Lin Technology Xiaobian to solve the doubt in his heart. We are professional manufacturer of headphones, and various headset dealing for more than 15 years.
While we are in the era of information explosion, all kinds of advertising, information filled our lives. Whether mobile phone, computer or roadside posters, are constantly updated. But, after all, a person's energy is limited, common access to information is limited. In fact, already have the authority has done for radiation Bluetooth headset detected.
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Panel by the World Health Organization, IEEE and other experts have been tested, found to detect radiation output power of Bluetooth products only 1 mW, is one millionth of microwave power, a mobile phone (cell phone) power thousand one-half, and these outputs are only a small portion is absorbed by the body.
That is, the radiation Bluetooth headset is quite small, almost negligible. With respect to the direct use of mobile phones and receive calls and use of traditional wired headset, Bluetooth headset more green and safe. Even young children and pregnant women can safely use. However, despite the radiation problems can be largely ignored, but still have to pay attention to the length of time using a headset, to protect their hearing.