Headsets appears the current sound of the causes and solutions

2016-06-30 14:16:26  
Often can see "how a current headset sound?", "How my headphones rustling sound?" And other similar problems. Now Xiaobian headset manufacturer Shenzhen, Lee Lin Xin Technology for everyone to talk about the common causes and solutions, hoping to help you.
1. computer for a long time, no maintenance, cleaning, causing the system Caton. Should promptly clean up the garbage inside the computer system, killing the virus, uninstall unnecessary software.
2. The headset has been damaged. You can try to change the headset to try on another computer, or try to get other headset on this computer. Determine headset problem, or computer problems.
3. The accumulation of static electricity on the computer, no counseling. This is also the main reason. You can touch the part of the computer chassis iron look, if the current sound disappears, it means that static electricity is indeed the reason. After the end of the wire or copper wire may be tied to the back of the chassis screw the other end.
4. Does the microphone have strengthened in the state. Microphone Boost state should be removed.
5. See if you send around other magnetic, acoustic equipment. Such as mobile phones, electric fans and so on. We should try to stay away from these devices.
6. The voice of a friend when abnormal, other times normal. You should check whether yourself or a friend opened a putting or stereo. Yes, please turn off.
7. Strengthening the microphone sound when it is not open quietly, opened to strengthen the current will have a big noise.
Workaround: Sounds and Audio Devices Control Panel ---- ----- ----- voice recording ------ volume, point to open a look ----- transferred to the microphone slider maximum. (Sometimes QQ video ah or what he will automatically turn it. Need to be adjusted)
These are the common causes and solutions. You can control the above methods a try. Shenzhen, Lee Yan Lin Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional earphone manufacturer, the product through the FCC, CE, ROHS, REACH certification, export of mind.