Inability to Tucao headphones Tips

2016-06-30 14:18:46  
The world is so big, I want to see," which is the moment a lot of people's thoughts, a lot of people did the same. Of course there are a lot of people because of this and other reasons, it can not go so easy. Anyway, travel is more and more people of all ages up. Go out to bring things to a lot of people who love to listen to music, the headset is unavoidable. On the train, in the mountains, on the grass, under a tree ... listening to songs, they enjoy the freedom of travel which, flying soul, is a how pleasant thing. What kind of headphones for travel, when to use it?
First of all, the headset must be portable, easy storage of headset
Travel stress is lightweight, high mobility. If carrying large bags, I believe interest will reduce a lot of play, after all, it is to travel to relax. In order to streamline the baggage, the headset is connected to be carefully selected. Compact in-ear headphones, earphones, Bluetooth headsets space is relatively small, are more appropriate. But now ear headphones or a headset call it, and now many manufacturers are headphones headset designed foldable, retractable headphones. This greatly facilitates the headset carrying. If you do not feel uncomfortable, then directly around your neck it is a good choice.
Portable Folding Headset
There should also be a headset storage protection bag at home with does not matter, as long as on the location of their own habits like, travel is not the same. Headphones are often will be placed inside the backpack. This is necessary to avoid collision headsets and other items, wound. Like headset manufacturers Lin Li Xin Technology can provide very rich in species of container packing. There are PVC box, bag, EV package and so on, very beautiful. Very practical and express individuality.
Headphone PVC packaging
Secondly, the headset should be comfortable to wear
Travel should be a good headset comfortable to wear and does not bring to the ears oppressive, sweltering, which mainly depends on the headset and the ears of the liner material and design. If headphones (ear headphone), you should choose breathable leather pad as well. If the ear headphones, you should choose silicone material of the ear, to a large extent, to avoid skin irritation and infection. However, even better design, the headset is not suitable for long wear, the need to prevent hearing damage.
Also, consider whether you want to listen to music on the plane
Frequent fliers friends should know, the plane will be paid a two-pin general aviation headset, but free things are generally not good. If you require high quality, then we must consider when buying travel headphone adapter on a Shunpian Mai,
Conversion of the headset connector on the plane
Finally, the impedance of the travel headphones should choose smaller
Headphone impedance, the more difficult to promote the need for greater voltage down. Travel time is generally used devices are generally MP4, Apple / Android phone a little more. Unlike home desktop and notebook computers, as so pay attention to save power. In the purchase of travel headphones, 32 Ω impedance can be used as a reference value, the smaller the resistance of the more easy to drive more than 60 Ω over the headset try to stay home or office use and other general applications. If you can not identify this pair of headphones in the end is how much resistance? You can listen at the store to see if you want to open more than two-thirds of the volume in order to hear the music content, high resistance value may represent a pair of headphones.